What is Mediation?

Mediation is designed to help solve your case before going to court. It is a structured “discussion” to try and reach an agreement facilitated by a neutral third party. Mediation is a form of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

The process can be done at any time and is strictly confidential. No offer, counter-offer or information shared in the caucuses can be disclosed in court.


One of the things about Mediation that confuses people, is knowing who makes the decisions. In court the Judge decides the outcome. A mediator in not a judge and does not make decisions. During a Mediation the mediator does not take sides. 


A Mediator helps you navigate difficult conversations, conflicts and communication. Mediators use their skills, training and knowledge to help find a path to an agreement that everyone is satisfied with. 


Mediators take into account the emotional and financial aspects as well as causes of the relationship breakdown, the dynamic of the conflict, positions of the parties and interests of the parties. 


The process is more effective than litigation. Resolutions can be reached within days/weeks as opposed to years of litigation. The saving in financial and emotional terms are unparalleled.    

Mediation vs. Litigation

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