Vision And Mission

What are We about and Where are we Going.

 MEJ Mediation and Life coaching is a company with the tools to help people in the conflict. A saving grace for clients' budgets. We functions as a well oiled machine, always upgrading out systems and processes to assist our clients to realise an optimistic future and help them help themselves to make that future a reality. 

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Stones of Meaning

Our Vision

MEJ Mediation and Life Coaching strives to restore relationships for a happy future to all patchwork families and partnerships. Using different processes to optimise the future for our clients and to re-establish “love” for the sake of the innocent members in the middle, as well as the sanity of all parties involved.

 Every Result at a time.

Our Mission

We help people through conflict and help them see there is life after the dispute has been settled and they can move forward every result at a time.

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