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My Journey and Motivation 

Why I become a Mediator, Life coach and how I got to this career change.

I became a Mediator before becoming a Life Coach. I changed my career at the very young age of 35. I have and still want to continue assisting people in conflict. 

Having gone through my own divorce I know the anguish, heartache, the confusion and shattered dreams.

My daughter was only 9 months old when the separation happened. I tried to reason with the fact that she was young and separation won’t really effect her, but over the years the effects are there even though I made a point of not speaking badly or degrading her biological father.    


I understand that divorce and change can affect us in devastating, overwhelming and confusing ways, putting us totally out of our comfort zone and in a place where we actually have to be more creative in handling the changes in our lives. “Shift happens!"... the difference is how YOU choose to embrace it and what YOU decide to do about it. 

You either see change as the end of the world or you can see it as a Golden Opportunity, if you decide to take it. 

I unfortunately took the former route. Spent 5 years in a state of anger, shame, remorse, denial and depression. Wasted 5 years of my life… well that’s how I saw it anyway.

I have experienced first hand the devastation that happens to the innocent members, the children (regardless of age). It is scary and influences them for the rest of their lives as well. This is why my main focus when dealing with Family matters are the children and their relationship with each parent.  

After 5 years of self loathing, I decided to take back control of my life before it was too late and to do what I am passionate about. Restoring communication and helping people live the life they want, Every Result At A Time. Showing people that there is life after your divorce... it’s just how you see it from your perspective. Divorce gives you the chance to re-evaluate your life! 

I am passionate about working with clients so they can move forward, be independent and feel amazing about themselves, even though they were rejected and hurt by their spouse or loved one. Helping them to love themselves again. I always say “if you can’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you?”

  • The Dream

The dream for MEJ Mediation and Coaching is to host divorce recovery seminars and retreats, where there will be professional personnel that can assist in all aspects of recovering from divorce (from psychologists to day spas, from dieticians to hair stylists, gym instructors and of course... Life Coaches to assist during and after the retreat). 


  • Certified Mediator/Arbitrator (Specialising but not limited to Family Law matters) registered with ADR International Register.    

  • Certified Conflict Coach registered with ICR (International Coaches Register)

  • Certified Divorce Coach registered with ICR (International Coaches Register)

  • Certified Life Coach registered with ICR (International Coaches Register) 

  • Creativity Coach registered with ICR (International Coaches Register)

Qualifications & Certificates

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Mediation Academy of South Africa


Action Factory

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