Michelle Esther James is an Internationally Accredited Mediator, based in Hermanus, South Africa.
Michelle's mediation services are also available over Skype.
In Michelle's own words:

Why I became a Mediator ….. 


Two Main reasons:

1. I want to help people move on with their lives

Having many friends and colleagues going through or have gone through divorce or separation I saw how it left them frustrated, feeling like they have been treated unfairly and their voice and opinion had not been heard or acknowledged - holding them back from moving forward with their lives by being consumed with anger and bitterness.

Often the main reason for the breakdown in their relationships was communication, i.e. “you stop speaking each other’s language”. Having a neutral third party involved can help bridge that gap. So I decided to qualify as a Mediator so that I can help and make a difference in people’s lives. 

2. The effect divorce and separation has on children

When the conflict between the parents has not been resolved even if the divorce has been finalised, the ones who suffer the most are the children. They are “forced“ in a way to deal with adult issues at a very young age and this causes enormous stress and, in the long term, mental illness and depression in some cases.


If I can aid in helping parents to work together (though living in separate homes ), create an emotionally stable environment in both homes, the risk of trauma in children will decrease. 

So in conclusion… 



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