MEJ Mediation offers the following Services:

  • 30 Minute Information Session

    • ​Free of charge session to asses your case, explain how the procedure works and what will be needed from each party before we start the Mediation Caucuses.

  • Divorce​

    • ​Addresses all aspects of divorce such as divorce settlement agreements, maintenance orders, parenting plans and splitting of assets.

  • Parenting Plan​

    • Agreement on all aspects regarding children such as financial needs, spiritual needs, social needs, education and contact with the non-primary parent. 

  • Maintenance (Court) Order​

    • Reaching an agreement with regard to maintenance for children and spousal maintenance.

  • Civil Contract (Co-habitation Agreement)

    • There is no legislation that currently exists in South Africa for common-law marriages. There is also no legal protection on separation or death of a spouse. The former spouse can only claim maintenance or division of assets if they can prove that they had a Universal Partnership. A Civil Contract (Co-habitation Agreement) regulates the marital property, child and spousal maintenance.

  • Domestic Violence Interdict

    • Assisting in all aspects of domestic violence, including child and domestic abuse as well as substance abuse. 

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the case.

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