Building Bridges towards New Beginnings

MEJ Mediation is based in Hermanus, South Africa. Mediation (also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution) is the much better divorce option compared to expensive, time-consuming and in most cases acrimonious divorce settlements. 

Why Mediation?

Family Law Mediators have specialised knowledge in law, psychology and negotiation techniques that minimise the negative emotions and financial effects of the traditional (litigation) approach. 


The aim of a Mediator is to achieve formal agreements in collaboration with both parties, bridging the communication gap between the parties with an unbiased approach, as well as focusing on the best interests of the children. 

Mediation is more cost effective and less time consuming than litigation. It entails a more holistic approach by taking into account many factors which adjudication does not.

Settlements are negotiated out of court and no legal representation is required, but it is up to the discretion of the parties if they wish to do so. 

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